Cops fired and charged after beating animals to death

Not a nuisance, just… there. Doing their thing. Lots of them up in Maine and everyone knows a dog or two that ended up with a mouthful of quills. But no, no nuisance to the point people are running around clubbing them like prickly baby seals.



They were breaking the law on duty - no hunting license.


That is so cute. I want to pet it but would need protective gloves!


The financial services industry is certainly not without its problems, but if I’m caught fucking up bad enough I get a notation on my U-4 that any prospective customer can easily view on FINRA’s website. Getting a mark on my U4 makes it a LOT harder to get another job in the industry, at least with a reputable firm. Given how frequently police officers change jurisdictions, a national registry of some kind would seem to be a pretty damn good idea. Theoretically as well, you could also see which jurisdictions were more willing to hire cops with a few marks on their record.


That registry would be extremely large, by what I’ve observed.





If he really considered it just a vermin that needed eradicating, wouldn’t he have just used his drop gun?

Most of the confusion these days seems to be resolved with the question, “who can be blamed?” This porcupine can’t be framed for a crime, it was just doing its business as a forest creature. So internal affairs can’t even find a plausible alibi to exonerate this fucker. Human victims can always be found guilty of something, be it parking tickets, overdue library books, or holding a throwdown remote that looked like a phaser. Most of the time they’re black, which is good enough for the grand jury.

This blame question also explains the huge difference between 9/11’s american response, versus covid 19’s response. As hard as 45 tries to blame the Chinese, it just doesn’t get any traction. So we get the sound of crickets now from the feds, despite a two orders of magnitude more deaths than that other,more politically convenient event.


So… maybe a problem that could be averted by putting out a livestock salt/mineral block?

Nah, it’s more fun to bludgeon something alive that can’t fight back very well. Too bad they don’t have nuisance grizzlies in their area…


Not to mention that there are generally laws about how you can hunt game.

For example, no limits, no season on wild rabbits in my area, but if I was out trying to beat them to death with a baton, I’m pretty sure that I’d be arrested toot sweet.

This is purely psychotic behavior.

We have nuisance rats in my neighborhood. The coyotes eat what they can, but rats… They’re eating the chiles I planted, so I’ve got some snap traps set out. Quick humane kill.

It’d be insane if I made a bucket or pit trap for them just so they’d be alive when I found them, so I could beat them to death with a stick. One could argue that someone who delights in this sort of thing probably needs to spend some time away from society, receiving some pretty thorough counseling.


White American society values the lives of animals more than those of Black people.


Garbage collectors are listed as the 5th most dangerous job:

Not on the list: Cops.


This news made me cry; their head is so full of shit that they can’t even resist hurting innocent and innocuous animals. Who is the idiot who gave them uniform and guns? I can only wish them to receive the same exact treatment from some panther escaped from a zoo. There’s no place for scum like that on planet Earth.

And btw, none of their colleagues resigned in protest, like those idiots in Buffalo a few months ago. To serve and protect my ass!


Coincidentally, I’m reading E. B. White’s One Man’s Meat. It is a collection of essays written after he relocated from NYC to Brooklin, Maine. In one essay, he lists the town’s expenses for 1939. Along with paying for road repairs and teachers, one of the expenses is for “porcupine bounties” ($42.50 in 1939 dollars).

So, there’s apparently a history re: ME and porcupines but I don’t know the details. Are they considered nuisances?


@Mangochin The baby echidna or “Puggle” has to be level pegging on the cuteness scale for both name and squee factor! Similar spiny animal.


Did a porcupine kill his father? Prepare to die.


CRAZY MEDIA PERSON: “So finally, what’s the difference between a porcupine and a person of colour each minding their own business?”

COP: “No difference - in all cases the use of deadly force is mandated to save police lives”
NORMAL FOLK: “You can hug the person?”
PORCUPINE: “Sorry, I can’t answer right now - I’m only looking for food and shelter… Ahhhh… Now I’m dead.”
PERSON OF COLOUR: “WTFF kind of question is that?”

CRAZY MEDIA PERSON: Next up after the break, we will discuss the new and very dangerous threat posed by porcupines in suburban neighbourhoods"


I really, REALLY disagree with that.

For it puts forwards the idea that only one problem at a time can be tackled, with all other problems getting ignored…


Not generally considered nuisance. I didn’t know about the history but you made me curious. Looks like the bounty was largely spurred by the (rather misguided) notions of the logging industry. Couple funny anecdotes in this brief article: