Cops: Helpful burglar reported lit stove in victim's home to 911


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I guess she wanted the Feel Gudz in real time, instead of just turning off the stove and moving on?


What? I call 911 to help turn off my stove all the time…


It only seems like a good deed, but actually it’s a cry for help.


Maybe I can get a burglar to break in and do my dishes…


You could just post an ad on craigslist offering to trade your prescription drugs for someone to do dish washing.


True. As I left the post it occurred to me that she’d probably lit the stove herself, so I’m hoping she definitely does get some help.

If it’s available in that fine area, of course.


I will do dishes for oxy.


Ooh, don’t have any of that but I’ve got rather a lot of … um. Levothyroxine?


We need microreactors so we could cook our own on demand.


Or a dishwasher.


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