Cops jailed after filming themselves throwing slushies at people

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The other issue with the news coverage: In any similar case, the photos illustrating the article might have the booking photo, or a perp-walk image, or the felons arriving at court for sentencing…

Not the WDRB. Nope. Nothing but clean, uniformed, ID and studio shots. By the time this story ran they were no longer even police officers.


I had to click through to the Inside Edition website to find out where this had happened (Louisville, Kentucky). Perhaps next time you could make sure to include this basic detail.


That lede was well and truly buried. I hope the city (preferably the department but we know that’s not going to happen) is open to civil action from the women impacted by this. 30 months is nowhere near justice for that asshole.


They were members of an elite undercover drug task force.

Elite Bastards.


It’s a known fact: The only way to stop drug pushers from putting free fentanyl into the candy they give out to your kids at Halloween is to throw Slushies at them. It’s like their Kryptonite.


Once again, it sure seems like the best way to get non-shitty cops is to not hire people who want to be cops.


I only knew it was Lou-uh-Vulle b/c I knew one of their papers is the Courier-Journal.

The story also has both of these assholes “conviced,” not convicted.


Sounds like a Catch-22 to me, yes it does.


Ah, the old juvenile delinquent-to-law enforcement pipeline in action. Their positions of authority allowed them to continue to act like juvenile delinquents into their late 30s. Their bad behavior clearly didn’t start with this, they’d been acting like this for at least 20 years - which raises the question of what else they were doing before Wilson’s sex crimes finally caught up with him. (And whether they’d have been prosecuted at all for any of this, if Wilson hadn’t already been in trouble for what he did to another police officer.)

I was wondering how “random” their targets were, but regardless of whether it was an *overtly" racist act, they were targeting pedestrians and people waiting for public transit in particular neighborhoods - at the very least they knew they weren’t hitting rich/middle class white people.

The Mayor of Louisville says the culture of the police department has changed, and incidents like these could not happen again.

Five other officers were disciplined for knowing about the slushy throwing but not reporting it, though they were allowed to stay on the police force.

Oh yeah, I’m really reassured. Also, it took four years for there to be any consequences?

Flynn’s wife said she was still unsure why her husband was charged.

“It was a childish prank on his peers, wrong and juvenile,” she said.

In one video, after hitting a man with a drink, one of the officers said, “Dude fell down” and they both laughed.

Given his wife is also a cop, I’m really not reassured, now. “His peers” FFS? They were distinctly not his peers, and if the situations were reversed, if these people had instead thrown drinks at the cops, those people would be beaten up, shot, and/or in jail (depending on if they survived).

I assume you mean throw the Slushies at the kids, as a way of giving them an aversion to sugar.


Maybe they were Glee superfans… :thinking:

Agreed. But I get the feeling you’d get a lower proportion of absolute turds if you hired cops via lottery, or the same way people are chosen for jury duty.


oh, noes! like a military draft?

i do agree, though. perhaps a more citizen corp PD would be more respectful of the citizenry they police? not so much an us-versus-them, hero/enemy mindset that seems so common on today’s militarized civilian police force?
why does that seem so simplistic and wishful?


welcome to boingboing, comrade :slightly_smiling_face:


i think the right thing to do - if we need cops - is to use fewer cops for fewer things, then professionalize the remainder.

for instance, investigators don’t need to be gun toting beat cops; they can be people with a bachelor’s or better in criminal justice; actually trained on proven investigation techniques

spin off all nuisance complaints and ticketing to other agencies, get unarmed crisis intervention teams as first responders, etc

defund and redefine policing. make it as small and unimportant as possible


C’mon! They just thought that “the thin blue line” referred to the blue raspberry flavor!!


Not currently police officers. I’d bet Flynn has his badge waiting for him in three months.


Also, it took four years for there to be any consequences?

I mean, this fucker has been on paid admin leave since 2019 while he awaits trial. For murder:

After years of delays, trial date set for Auburn officer charged in 2019 killing of Jesse Sarey (

Can you even imagine collecting nearly five years wages and being on semi-permanent vacation with any other employer if you were facing a similar charge?

I am so, so very sick of this bullshit.


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