Cops pull over speeding car, help deliver occupant's baby


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My brother drove my grandmother to the hospital once when she was having a stroke. We called the police to let them know his route and they intercepted him and gave him an escort to the hospital - one cruiser in front and one behind. We live around 30 minutes outside of the city and they met him at the city limits. During my grandma’s stay in the hospital, both police officers stopped by a couple of times to check on her.


Childbirth, while wonderful for the parents, is no miracle for anyone who has had proper sex education in school.

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The link works fine for me, and the .gif does not have any flashing lights.

Also, if you think childbirth is not a miracle, you’re probably not a father.


I suppose we should be relieved the police didn’t immediately shoot the baby for looking at them funnily… /cynic


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