Watch: Man jumps into moving car to save driver who is having a seizure

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BEGINNING OF VIDEO: What am I looking at. Why is that truck facing the wrong way. What country is this. Which side of the road are they supposed to be driving on. Wut.

END OF VIDEO: Is that Woody Harrelson?


I am waiting to hear that he got a ticket for abandoning his vehicle in the road. Because in 45’s world we just can’t have nice things.


Although the cops following weren’t bold enough to intervene, and a pickemup truck driver was, I would like to point out the very quick call for medical assistance by the cops once the car was stopped, and the compassion of the cop addressing the driver.

We see a lot of bad attitudes from police, this video shows a police officer being kind and helpful, which is a nice change. Thanks, Carla!


It sounded like the cops hadn’t completely narrowed down what was happening. The pick-up driver had a much better view of the car driver.


Proof that good people exist in this f’d up world.


My son is epileptic. This video is my nightmare.


When I was in HS some friend and myself were driving back from Seattle on the old 520 bridge. This was around 74 or 75 IIRC. Anyway there was ongoing road work on the bridge that allowed only one lane in each direction so mid afternoon traffic was a fricken nightmare. Then out of the blue this car comes whipping down the closed lane bouncing off other cars and missing a road worker by inches when he took a hard right and crashed into the wall to the right about 2 cars in front of us. He was having a seizure and fortunately a nurse who was going the opposite direction leapt the barrier and came to his aid. We checked his ID and he had no license. Because they would not give him one. Cause he was epileptic. Yet he still drove and almost killed the road guy and damaged other cars.

If you are epileptic I am so sorry for you. That sucks. But if you drive and you know you are not supposed to…you are an asshole

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Awesome quick decision. I liked that he chose the window for a (relatively) safe and effective entry, rather than wrestle with the door.


I have a mild seizure disorder that’s fully controlled. I have to get a doctor’s release every couple of years to give to the motor vehicle department. He said if I had a seizure, he would have to report it, and I’d get my license suspended till I could show the problem was back under control. He could lose his license or get in trouble with the law if he didn’t. OK.

But do drunk drivers have to prove they’ve been dry for a time before they get their license back? Do they have to get a form from their doctor every couple of years saying they’ve been completely dry for the last couple of years? Not in the US that I know of. Maybe in Scandinavia somewhere.

I know drinking can be a real medical problem, but still – it’s something that’s under their control, if they really work at it.

Personally, I don’t like the word “epileptic,” because it seems to imply that’s all there is to the person.


This was a long time ago so I am sure treatment has been changed for the better since then. As well as the nomenclature involved. Just like we do not say idiot savant but rather on the spectrum or Aspergers for those who are on the spectrum. So forgive my insensitive terminology. And who’s to say about the guy in the car in the video. It might have just happened to him for the first time. But the case I was referring to way back in the 70s…that guy did not have a license. He should not have been behind the wheel, and he likely knew it. So I still think he was an asshole for driving when he shouldn’t have. Just like a drunk driver knows they should not be driving and are assholes when they do.

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Was getting ready for a tailgate one early Sunday morning, loading the car full of booze and food, when a patrol car crept along the street right behind us. We were all kind wtf? and kept to our business and trying to ignore the authoritative creeper. A few minutes later his car was now in a neighbors yard and people were rushing to help with his seizure. Felt terrible learning he was in there suffering while I was more afraid for myself. :disappointed:


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