Cops who ate “candy bars” in pot dispensary raid viral video charged with petty theft

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Stealing candy bars: trivial misdemeanour, aggravated by the abuse of authority.

High on the job: serious workplace infraction (intoxicated people with guns = bad), but grounds for demotion rather than prosecution.

Disabling the cameras in the first place: conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, major felony, major prison time.

Yeah, that ain’t what the judge said, but that’s what it should be.


Surely it’s crime to commit a crime and attempt to cover it up? You’d think things like this should be worse if you’re a LEO, but of course not.


It’s great! Being an LEO is literally a get out of jail free card! And they pay you to shoot unarmed people and take a vacation!


Wait, so it’s the department’s position there was no marijuana present at this marijuana dispensary? Any word on why it was raided? Suspicion of candy bars?


Vendetta against the dispensary for not playing ball with the mayor’s office.

Something like that. IIRC, this dispensary has a history of being bullied by the mayors office, when it won’t just roll over and close up shop.


That’s impossible! That would be corruption!


No disciplinary charges despite tampering with a “crime” scene and stealing while on duty?!?


Boys will be boys?

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Hopefully they will all get promotions as part of their punishment…it only seems right if justice is to be served.

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from june 2015, the oc weekly had this:

According to a federal lawsuit filed today, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido conspired to derail a grassroots marijuana initiative in the city while soliciting cash from existing pot clubs. The original Measure CC (which allowed for an unspecified number of pot collectives to apply for licenses) was defeated in the November 2014 election by the city-backed Measure BB, which allowed for licenses to be granted to only 20 dispensaries following a lottery process.

So far, no dispensaries have been granted licenses, and Santa Ana police have raided clubs operating in the city illegally, including lawsuit plaintiff Sky High Holistic Collective, where officers infamously insulted Marla James, an amputee (and co-plaintiff in the lawsuit), and were captured on camera apparently eating pot edibles and throwing darts in an incident that went viral late last week.

so it sounds like the mayor was trying to setup a situation where he could fix the lottery for cash…

the lawsuit contended that

defendants were receiving benefits, including limousine services, expensive dinners and shows, currency and gifts from individuals and entities seeking to establish control over the Santa Ana marijuana market.


Right, so the mayor wanted to be a sleazy kingpin. Instead of doing his fucking job.


he’s just trying to set a good example :wink: :cry:


“legally” disabling security cameras? I can’t hardly think of any case where it should be legal for anyone other than the owner to disable security cameras.


Pigs being pigs.

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Bacon’s gonna baconate.


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