Copy-pasted foreign characters (1234)

I was doing a bit of experimenting just now with JWPce, still my go-to app for my Japanese text-entry needs.

Curiously, I can copy text from there and paste it in anywhere in Firefox (even the Topic subject line, as shown) and it will appear normally. Attempting to paste the same text into the message body here results in an auto-created image link, like , which doesn’t even seem to work properly.

Re-copying the text after pasting it somewhere in Firefox results in text that can be pasted into the message body normally, as in (1234), so it seems that copy-pasting from JWPce directly is the only problematic operation.

Is this supposed to happen? Granted, copy-pasting from JWPce is hardly something people would want to do very often, but perhaps it is indicative of a potentially greater problem?

Sounds like JWPce is setting image data on the clipboard, presumably images of the Japanese characters.

As you can see, copying the content to notepad and then over sloughs off the unwanted image data.

I’d look in the options of your app and see if there is an option to turn off setting Japanese character image data in the clipboard.

I see… I did not realize that pasting image data resulted in an auto-generated image link. That’s pretty nifty!

There is indeed a “No BITMAP format” option in JWPce that, when enabled, seems to solve the problem. This has been educational.

I’m curious why you would want to use a word processor to do Japanese text? Are you using an OS that is old enough that you can not do direct Japanese text entry or is not unicode clean?


Or in short, Japanese double byte characters, even the full width romaji seem to work fine with the BBS.

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Well… Mostly I just never bothered trying to figure out the Windows IME.

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Its clunky but probably better than what you seem to be trying now.

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