Copyfighting, jailbreaking legend Ed Felten is the White House's new deputy CTO


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OMG he’s a hacker! Now there’s somebody to blame whenever a Senator can’t turn on their laptop.


I clicked on the “Pinceton” tag, hoping to see more… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven years into his reign is a bit late for Obama to finally be doing the “right things”. Obama probably shouldn’t start trying to do the “right things” now. He’s out of practice.


Awesome. I loved hearing him and Cory speak in Princeton last fall.

“Man, I’ve been driving down the wrong side of the road for a few hours now. Better not change anything, wouldn’t want to shake anything up.”

“You know, I’m realizing that I’ve been an abusive husband for a long time now, but fuck it, she’s used to it.”

“Well, I build this whole house of sub-quality materials, but fuck it, we’re too far along to fix it.”


So is this the guy who they call up when Biden forgets his Tinder password again?


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