Corey Feldman's latest comeback video defies description

Being a victim of sexual abuse automatically free people from blind spots. But if we follow along with the “believe victims” view, then we should believe him when he says that he wasn’t assaulted by MJ. :woman_shrugging:


Oh, I believe him, but he’s also acknowledged that MJ was a predator. You’re absolutely right about blind spots, unfortunately.

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I don’t have it in my heart to mock him for doing this, even if I think it’s cringey.

Whatever you need to make yourself whole, as long as it isn’t damaging to someone else.


Of all of the music videos ever released, this is one of them.


For given values of “music” and “video”.

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I came to the thread because I misread it as “Irwin Corey’s” comeback. Now that I’ve looked Feldman up to remind myself of who he is, I wish I had been right in the first place. Irwin Corey was great, and a comeback (I guess it would be “revival”, since he’s dead) would be great.


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