Coronavirus: North Korea executes official who visited public spa in China

Of course that is the manner that the Brits used to execute the ringleaders of the Sepoy rebellion. Each was placed in front of a field gun and blown to smithereens. More merciful than being drawn and quartered I suppose.


United Press International is an American agency that actually does reliable coverage of North Korea, but they also don’t really toe the American/South Korean propaganda line so it’s an exception that proves the rule to an extent.

Shut. Down. Everything.

UPI is currently owned by News World Communications, which is owned by the Unification Church. They may have a different bias from the US government, but are certainly not reliable.


Helium gas probably cheapest and lest harmful means to execute imo.

Helium tends to cause convulsions during death. Nitrogen is safer.

Needs correction: The original story told was that the North Korean official, put in quarantine after visiting China, violated his quarantine by going to a public sauna in the North Korean city of Rason (located on the border) where he was in quarantine.

In the same story, another official was found to be lying about having visited China, and was sent to a β€œfarming camp.” Quarantine is reported to be 30 days.

In another news article, sources also say that there is 1 confirmed case discovered on the 7th, a woman who had visited China. This is not reflected in the official count, which still stands at 0.


It sounds more like tankie thinking.


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