'Kim Jong-un appears not to have undergone surgery,' South Korea media reports

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Perhaps he had an enhancement?
Trump:Kim measuring pic


Considering his long absence and the degree of concern over his medical condition, the revelation that nothing happened seems questionable. He’s known to have body doubles who do the tedious personal visits and inspections around the country. They should come in handy while the government’s power transfers in new and interesting ways.


Or he faked it for sympathy and was at the beach, like those train pics suggested.


Maybe Lil Kim is not so different from us and even he has to fake an illness to get some days off.


Or he’s dead or a vegetable, and the brass took a couple weeks to come up with a story that allows them all to keep their relative levels of power, without either a bloodbath of succession, or the inconvenience of a boss who occasionally kills them on a whim. They then evaluated the various body doubles to see which is the best fit.




That, and ewww.


huh. fertilizer factory – that was my nickname for trump.

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he’s switched faces with trump like in the nicholas cage movie face off. so thats trump and kim is in the us handling the pandemic.

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Face it, the only time we’ll know for sure he’s croaked is when we watch a sobbing Nork TV news anchor announce it.

The past weeks of speculation were nothing but clickbait.


I have to believe that they have contingency plans for every situation, and didn’t need the previous weeks to come up with one. He missed a very major public appearance in January, which wouldn’t have been cancelled due to COVID-19. They usually announce their leader’s death within 48 hours. Kim has probably been comatose or extremely unwell. They gave him time to recover because he didn’t actually die. He’s either actually recovered now, or more likely, they’re sending his body doubles out to make appearances in order to boost the country’s morale. His long, unexplained absence has not gone unnoticed though, and in the event he “suddenly dies” soon, NK’s people won’t be too surprised.

That’s unproven rumour and speculation. You also seem to be assuming that on the spot guidance is unimportant


I love how we consistently make fun of and mock the man that basically has a propaganda department that turned a story in a south korean tabloid into an international incident. Look, all this talk about how dumb they are, and how fat he is, and all this body shaming and name calling and what not doesn’t escape a simple fact:

Yet again, the media got played by a rumor that they wanted to think was true.

Personal theory? This was a purity test, to see what would happen and who would try to grab power. Now that everyone’s identified who that is, she’s going to have a rough time, I bet. This is something that NK does ALL THE TIME. It’s why the guy’s brother in law got targeted for assassination for goodness sake.

Stop assuming these guys are dumb. The people advising NK’s marketing and propaganda and what not are western educated, at some of the best schools possible, and could easily be the CMO at any major fortune 100 company. You want to know what NK was doing with this? Try to figure out what we weren’t watching when we were playing “spot the future leader” or “find Kim Jong-Un.” Try to figure out what other governments weren’t paying attention to when this was going on. That’s what’s really happening here. We got misdirected.

And lest you think that doesn’t happen a lot to us, that we don’t get fooled, watch what happens in the US congress or EPA or other regulatory organizations getting utterly destroyed when Trump goes on a twitter rant. We all watch him do his thing and just get so angry, and that’s page one, and page four is the EPA being given a directive to no longer enforce the clean air, or clean water act. Or the national guard being mobilized to force Tyson workers to work in the meatplant even though upwards of 50% have COVID-19, or any number of other things.



I truly, and demonstrably did not frame the personal visits as unimportant. I demonstrably labeled them as morale-boosting. Also, we know all the Nork leaders have body doubles.

We “know” that Saddam Hussein had body doubles, but that is also unproven.


We also knew that that one guy was executed by being mortared.

Except he wasn’t.

And that one lady too.

Except she wasn’t.

And those other people.

Except they weren’t.

And that they execute people by having them being mauled by fighting dogs.

Except they don’t. Except they do! Execept, nope, they don’t.

We’ve fallen for so much BS about NK we don’t know what we is true and what is propaganda by SK now. So no, we don’t know that the NK leaders have body doubles. We’ve just made that up.




This video appears in many media outlets and yet no one apparently even wonders if the stated date of the video has any independent veracity? That is, how do we know this isn’t a video from a year ago? Does he pose with a dated newspaper at any point of it? (“hey man, with deep fakes this could’ve been a John Candy film”)

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