North Korea state media officially admits that Kim Jong Un did not teleport or time travel

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I read that this space-time-folding nonsense was also used to explain public appearances whose announced dates and times were too darn close to be believable. Like Kim Il Sung doing on-the-spot guidance to the Pyongyang sanitary towel factory #3 half an hour after witnessing a rocket launch on the coast.

Also saw a sentimental music video praising Kim Jong Un, carrying on his granddad’s legacy. “He warps time and space for him!”


Pff, like I’m going to believe anything North Korean state media says.


A sound policy against any national state media, (ok, you might take Canadian state media at face value, ey).

My N.Korea question shouted at my screen (which refuses to give me an answer), remains: so, Kim Jong-un is still alive and in any (dated, one hopes) photo that’s not some body double? And if so, where’d he go for that period? To Putin’s apparently expert cancer doc? (more tin foil for my hat please)

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Canada is not just GTA/Vancouver

They have their own jerks/conservative elements, and the media in say, Alberta is on par with the US midwest, minus the gun fetishism:


I’ve never trusted NK media. How do I know this isn’t just a NK state media fake news smokescreen to cover up that the Dear Leader can teleport and time travel?


King Jong Un is the Kwisatz Haderach and guiding us on the golden path is almost reasonable sounding in this day and age. What a time to be alive!


I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

I was thinking it was more like this:


I know who plays the David Lynch version of Vladimir Harkonnen.


But, is The Globe and Mail considered state media? (One, at least, hopes that The Woodbridge Company isn’t any sort of governmental agency)

You’ve got the wrong Kim.

One myth, however, is so widely believed in the reclusive country that North Korea’s official newspaper, Rodong Shinmun, has had to step in and say it was not true: Kim Il Sung, the founder of the country, did not have the ability to use the chukjibop technique , which is a type of “folding space” like teleporting fighters in Kung Fu movies.

I wasn’t saying it is, just showing that many of the same types of politicians exist in Canada as America.

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But what is the NK state media’s subtext? What are they hiding and unconsciously revealing? Decades ago, I tuned a shortwave receiver to an obscure channel playing US songs about prisons, chain gangs, working in coal mines, etc. The source: a Siberian gulag city. That was pretty explicit. So, what is behind this DPRK announcement?

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These are Minions?





Oh my god it just got worse!!

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As explained in the RFA article, the more fantastical parts of the Kim family mythology are being toned down so that people’'s loyalty is not undermined by being required to believe the impossible.

Several South Korean experts told RFA’s Korean service Thursday that since Kim became leader in 2011, propaganda projects pushing the cult of personality tell more believable tales, because if myths are perpetuated in an unscientific and irrational manner, fewer people will believe the more realistic stories about the Kim family.

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On a related note, they sell North Korean soju in my area (North Jersey).

I’ve had it. Its like something one would drink in college when underage and lacked access to decent stuff. You can almost taste the tears of the slave labor at the distillery.

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