Couple jailed after abusing child and selling him to pedophiles


I vaguely remember from some years back a report about an Eastern European village that had caught doing the same thing.

A village!!!


We have something like that in the US, yes. Civil commitment can keep those who have served prison sentences for certain sex crimes in detention indefinitely.


I know we’re supposed to be all enlightened now when it comes to punishment and rehabilitation and humane conditions in prisons and capital punishment and whatnot, but here I vote full draconian.


Not exactly. I find the US justice system incredibly uneven and racist, with black kids serving life for pot possession because of three strikes insanity while white rapist college athletes get six months.

IMO the perpetrators of this crime deserve to rot the rest of their lives in prison, and that’s only because I oppose capital punishment without exception. If I understand the WP article @FFabian provided, that’s effectively what will happen.


How would Pastor Kevin Swanson explain why this happened?


Hmm, except that would be better. With Dante’s Hell it’s worst at the centre where Satan stands locked in ice – farthest from the light of Heaven.
(But I think I’m with your sentiment)


I thought it was going to be this article


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