Court orders man to stop pretending to fall over


“Planking is so 2008,” added the judge.


I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know there is a lot of hostility towards and harassment of those of us with actual disabilities. Like people telling me I’m “not allowed to make noise” when I’m bent over in pain at much louder noise or I’m “not allowed to lie down” when I’m curled up in agony trying to cover my ears and keep my eyes away from the flashing lights.

Which has nothing to do with this old drunk who is wasting the time and money of Emergency Response Teams, over and over and over, just to get attention.


Little did the court know that the man was actually a ‘fainting goat’.

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You could, like, read the article and figure out what’s going on. That would save you a lot of time.


Boy who cried wolf. One of these days he’s going to have a real problem, and the EMTs will just laugh and laugh…


A serial time-waster has been banned from falling over anywhere in England and Wales, in one of the most bizarre ASBOs ever handed down by magistrates.

This is why I prefer to engage in serial time wasting in the privacy of my own home, without an audience. I still wouldn’t mind having “He was a serial time-waster” engraved on my headstone though.


This is how many of those “weird, real laws” exist. They make a law about riding motorcycles on Wednesday because of one asshole, and then it stays on the book 50 years later and no one remembers why.

One reason why I think many laws should have a sunset.

reads article

They seem to assume that he’s faking this, but there’s nothing in the article that rules out the possibility that he’s actually suffering health issues which come and go and incapacitate him in the street.

Like, maybe, having medical professionals examine him? Like they have?


Repeatedly, no less. Plus his behavior began with prank phone calls, then escalated to the dramatics, first around his home and then, when his neighbors got fed up, out to busier areas, where his actions could have caused a real accident by distracting a driver. That’s premeditation, not pre-medication.


Like medical professionals never dismiss serious/incapacitating conditions?

I’ve brought my experiences of being harassed for my disabilities. I curl up in agony, sometimes while crossing the street, when hit by backup beepers, sirens, etc. and get up when free from these things. I get harassed for that. When I see stories like this, I can see how someone like me could be in that position and could be further harrased for their disabiltities. Making frequent phone calls would usually rule out hyperacusis, to be honest, but wouldn’t necessarily rule out other disabilities which could intermittently incapacitate someone.

It’s entirely possible that he, like you, suffers from an uncommon malady which the public at large misinterprets.

It’s entirely possible as well, in this thoroughly investigated case, that this guy is either 1) mentally ill to some degree, which would explain the pathologic attention seeking behavior, or 2) he’s just a total asshole.

When you start to have to go to further and further lengths to be this guy’s cheerleader (but what if every medical professional who has examined him [and there have been many] is totally incompetent at medicine, and has been a bit of an uncaring sociopathic dick as well), then the likelihood of you being correct starts to diminish rapidly (occam’s razor and all).


I find that eating bowls of cereal is a perfect way to waste time.


Well, I don’t have to go far at all. I’ve lost count of the doctors I’ve seen about my hyperacusis, but I’ve had one appointment cancelled, while I was waiting, because of my hyperacusis, and I’ve had others ignore it even though it is destroying my life. Now, apart from the cancellation, that doesn’t imply lack of concern, so much as the general practitioners deciding it was beyond their expertise, the audiologist finding it was neurological after several tests, the neurologist just assuming it was audiological, and so on. But that does show how hard it can be to get any help for unusual conditions.

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