Courthouse closed due to "grenade" that was actually perfume

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I doubt she intended to harm anyone, but perfume is a weapon, and a whole bottle of perfume could easily harm people.

If courthouses did accessibility, and the 14th Amendment certainly would require that they do accessibility because the status quo deprives disabled people of due process, then courthouses would be fragrance-free. And strobe-light-free.

I bet those dogs feel pretty silly.


I’m surprised a woman who wears the hijab had that kind of perfume with her. It looks like the kind that contains alcohol for its base. I thought Muslims didn’t use that kind, that they only used the oil based kind.

Being homeless makes you less picky about a whole lot of things.


Hope nobody ever tries to sneak a Mickey’s malt liquor in.

It would be tastier than a bottle of perfume though. But just barely.

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Is there any actual use for police dogs other than as an excuse for cops to conduct searches?

Further proof to me that police dogs will react to the handler and indicate on command.


When I was in court working on my divorce a couple of years ago, the perfume one guy brought was the pint of cinnamon schnapps he was drinking. I could smell it on him from twenty feet away. The only consolation was that it probably smelled better than he did.

A member of my extended family had an airport practically shut down when an agent was inspecting her makeup and toiletries. When asked what was in a small jar, she said: “It’s a balm.” Yuks ensued.


To me, this is further evidence that X-sniffing dogs are just BS Probable Cause Dogs.


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