Courthouse shut after sheriff notices bedbugs "falling out of" lawyer's clothes

Sure, the stations in those Walmarts.


Bedbugs or non drug resistant gonorhhea? I’ll take the gonnorhea, any day of the week.

Lawyers or non drug resistant gonorhhea? I’ll take the gonnorhea, any day of the week.

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:

The American Library Association has a nice document on this. It’s a PDF, though.

Like slinkywitch said, I don’t think I’d trust freezing.

Edit: also, I am hoping my neighbor found the German cockroach nymph on the 4th or 5th page of the ALA PDF.

No, in Toronto. Bed bugs in libraries are appallingly common, though.

Hypothetical situation
A gag
An exaggeration
(does Oklahoma have Starbucks?)

My favorite lawyer joke:


Man, I bet those bedbugs were glad to finally be away from that lawyer…


Just a few years ago you couldn’t buy bedbug killing chemicals over the counter. Things like Raid, roach spray etc doesn’t work at all. This is a major reason the problem got really bad. (DDT used to kill them but they outlawed that stuff and bedbugs were slowly making a comback by the mid 2000s) but times have changed: you can buy the stuff that kills bedbugs at any hardware store now. Ive been through this. It sucks, and it’s gross, but I’m here to tell you, you dont have to throw out all your stuff. It’s possible to exterminate them in a short amount of time. You just need the right chemicals.


This lawyer must be lower than the Better Call Saul class of lawyers to be personally infested lol.


Something tells me that ‘Bell, book and candle’ just isn’t going to do the job here.

Stories like this make Carl Hiiassen books seem like realistic documentaries of life in the modern USA.

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apparently, the ala does not distribute pdfs through https

That’s certainly a step up from the old-fashioned court room hack’s normal repertoire of coughing, blowing your nose incredibly loudly or sucking on sweets during your opponent’s speech.

This is weird. AFAIK, unlike fleas or lice, bedbugs don’t generally infest people; they lurk in beds (hence the name), floor cracks, crevices in the walls and so on.


Calling it now: he’s totally getting disbarred for planting bugs on the prosecution.


Sounds like a quality lawyer.

Back when indoor smoking wasn’t banned, another favorite shyster tactic would be to light up a cigarette and just set it on the ashtray to let it burn, as a way to distract the jurors as they watch the ever-growing ash.


About 140 F according to Google. Lower than I would have thought. I would probably gone for 80 or 85 C and possibly damaged the book.


There is a rumour that one lawyer used to have a wire inserted into his cigars so that he could wave it about at strategic moments.

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And these chemicals are?

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