Gentleman who allegedly dumped a cup of bedbugs at a Georgia city hall will go to trial

Originally published at: Gentleman who allegedly dumped a cup of bedbugs at a Georgia city hall will go to trial | Boing Boing


This was in Augusta MAINE, not Augusta Georgia.


Newsflash: Man who thinks dumping a cup of bedbugs anywhere other than an incinerator finds communication difficult.


Manning said he later realized he had dumped the bedbugs at the wrong city department

A+ for trying


He has bats in his belfry too.


Hey @pesco! It does seem to be Augusta Maine rather than GA…


Oh yeah, this was definitely Augusta, Maine. Central Maine, represent! I mean, look at him. If not for them giving his name, he’s got Vern written all over that old Maine face. Or maybe Earl, or Burt.

Edit: the more I read about him, the more I love this old fart. He wanted the trial moved because “I’m getting too old to walk 40 miles.”


At first I was like “What a jerk!” But then I was like, “If it was bed bugs from his place due to the state not doing anything about it, then maybe I can understand.”

But then I got confused about him going through 5 lawyers. I dunno who to root for. Other than the bed bugs - not them.


He’s going through the lawyers because they want him to plead and he’s insisting on a trial (which they know he’ll lose). My hope is the jury will find him guilty, and sentence him to $1. I don’t think there’s any mandatory minimums for “dumped bed bugs on the counter.”


Gentleman? Hardly.

Argh! We know about bedbugs! There’s a real problem in Athens (Greece). We also know a woman in the UK who had bedbugs and eventually successfully got rid of them by stripping the house back to the bare plaster… In Athens the tenement buildings are liable to have them in the walls. The landlords do not want to know. We recently got bitten on the knees while kneeling on the carpet in a hotel in the UK which I won’t name. They contacted exterminators, who checked the bed and ignored the carpet. We won’t be going back to that hotel for a very long time, if ever. Carrying live bedbugs about has to rank as biological warfare. I hope the city building managed to deal with them successfully.


Ooops! Thank you. Corrected. I appreciate the heads-up.


The cheese might have also slid off of his cracker, as well.

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So his crayons ain’t that bright?

Roger That!

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Somehow this brings charges but dumping your covid germs is fine? Surely there are public health laws folks are just choosing to not enforce.


Maybe they were batbugs, they look very similar.

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