Cow racing isn't for the meek

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:cow2: Fixed that for 'ya! :cow2:


My ox is broken!!!

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You mean we don’t get to actually see anyone race? Just some guy falling down before the cows get to running?

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Cows. I used to vacation as a child on my uncle’s farm. There were no dogs and whatever cats there might have been were totally feral. So. There was nothing to play with. Except the cows (the bull was, naturally, kept in his own enclosure and off limits). The calves were far to skittish too approach. But the damn cows, they just stood there, chewed cud, whisked at flies with the tail and let you pet them. They could not have fucking cared less. So, cow racing is something almost unimaginable to me. Of course, there was always the pond and chiggers. Ooh boy, that would occupy you for days on end.


Mmm. You can almost taste it.

Rats (creatures), beaten to the punch (line)

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