Coyote/Golden Retriever mix dog adopts 10 baby chicks


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oh god…the really bad loop on that gif makes it look like he is crushing one of those chicks when he rolls back. Proof that animated gifs are inherently evil.


Teaching them to chase cats is going to be interesting…


and overused! [cough]


Oooo! Popcorn!


If you look closely, the chick is pushing him back over – I wouldn’t mess with those chicks (probably a chicken/golden eagle mix)


I wish humans would learn more from critters.


I want to assume you want to be selective about what to learn, though.


Maybe it’s farming them. Soon…oh yeah…soon.


seriously!!! eating your own throw-up is not a good lesson.


they changed the gif loop, the other one was traumatizing…this one is way better.


Peak GIF Angst 3: Return of the GIF Angst

(I hear the next one’s a prequel!)


Coydogs are great. They have so much personality, but are better behaved than wolfdogs. They’re not quite so high-energy as wolfdogs, and while they do like to range around, they can often be trained to stay around the house.


Please don’t demean my intelligence.

Sorta insult, man.

Please don’t do that.

Thank you.


Hmmm…having seen what coyotes can do to chickens, I have a pretty good guess about what happened to the mother…now he’s just waiting for the little ones to fatten up.


It’s a constant internal struggle between the predatory instincts of the Coyote and the Golden’s need for belly scratches.


Um, that dog looks exactly like one of the colour variations of a Duck Tolling Retriever. It’s got the right face and tail, and also does the goofy flopping about on its back that Duck Tollers do.


“Coy-dogs” are quite common in the Adirondack mountain area.


Henery, ah say Henery Hawk offspring perhaps.


Bigger question - was the sex between the coyote and the golden retriever consensual?