Create a personal surveillance state!


That’s just Apple pandering.


I would agree. RIp is closer to being correct than Burn.

The term I always used is one you just used yourself — convert. I think “convert” or perhaps “import” are better depending on what was being done.


  1. To extract the digital representation of a piece of music from an audio CD. Software that does this is often called a CD ripper.
  1. [Amiga hackers] To extract sound or graphics from a program that they have been compiled/assembled into, or which generates them at run-time. In the case of older Amiga games this entails searching through memory shortly after a reboot. This sense has been in use for many years and probably gave rise to the (now more common) sense 1.


I assumed they were referring to the practice of setting a pile of VHS tapes alight, letting the melting plastic dribble onto the case of a PC. That’s how I do it, anyways - my case mods always involve dead media encrusted onto them.


BoingBoing has taught me so very much about the security hazards buried in TheInternetOfThings, that now I know, just bacause I see it advertised on BoingBoing, doesnt mean its not crap.


You mean like when we watch “films” or “dial” a phone?


something LIKE that, but more like using the word “bad” to mean “good” (where the opposite meaning is transmitted to unwitting listeners), but also NOT like that since their using “bad” to mean “good” is done on purpose and with a sense of irony, rather than out of ignorance, while watching a “film” is an anachronism that actually translates well to mean what you meant to mean :slight_smile:


Just like @frauenfelder complains about in other topics.


I’d go with convert because it includes (implicitly) the whole import-computerdoessomethingtothedata-export thing that is going on.
Pedantry? Language is a precision tool and should be used as such.

Professor Foot: We wouldn’t want to operate with a blunt scalpel, now would we?
Ringo: [shakes head frantically]


I too hate when slang is used incorrectly. Dammit. We need a Queens English of words that didn’t mean something until someone made them up to ensure that no one else makes up the same words to mean something else!!!


That’d be a fine solution but for its dreadful excess of letters and syllables! Maybe we can hack(?) it down some, and/or misappropriate “vert” from the ski/skate/bike world? VERT that shit!

…oh, I don’t know…


I know the editors have no direct connection to the Store, but this item almost makes it seem like they’re trolling Cory, no?


“You can get this ‘I <3 DRM’ T-shirt that wirelessly connects to the internet for no reason for just $29.99. It’s a bargain now that the Chinese company that made it is out of business and will never update its firmware again!”


IoT itself is a security hazard. Really just the I part.


And I’m assuming that it was Cory who trolled them in return by changing the ad title to what it currently is.

If BB has to use Stacksocial, I very much approve of this kind of snark.


What do they say about assuming?


Well, hats off again for the second time in 24 hours. Whomever it was, I heartily approve.


Our pals at stack try but when the headlines are just intolerable, or the product really only worth mocking, I can’t resist.

Frequently my joke is terrible, please know it’s an improvement.


What would give you that idea?


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