Creating a UV curing oven for resin using grocery bags

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Set the part outside where it will be bathed in sunlight. Wait a few days. Collect the part. Rotate if it is not translucent.

I have no experience with such things, I’ve not seen an insulated grocery bag, I did a search for ‘resin curing’ to find out what that means, and I’m still not sure I understand who would need such a thing. But it seems to be lots of UV light, and heat is good. Could such a thing be useful to house small containers of hydrogen peroxide to de-yellow ABS plastic (retrobright)?

Tell me about this making envelopes out of the bags! It sounds useful. Thanks!

A woman in my neighborhood is sewing those bags into insulation pads for unhoused people to sleep on.


You threw me with an actually useful and honourable repurposing of these things. Well done.

My only offer was to write a cranky comment for @garethb2 to simply stop buying stuff that comes in these bags (plastic waste stream, people!) (of course I’m ignorant of his personal circumstances; let me just say sorry in advance if he can’t get out to shop himself).

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