'Credible evidence' Saudi crown prince MBS directed Jamal Khashoggi killing, UN expert says

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Prince Bonesaw, America’s partner in peace.


Partner in pieces.


So is anything consequential going to be done about it now? Anyone? Still nothing, then?


Oh, I expect this UN expert to go missing or show up dead within the next year or so.


With this and the naming of the people responsible for shooting down MH17, it’s a big day for indictments against people who will never see the inside of a court of law.


What did you expect? Supporting a dictatorship which has been violating human rights for decades and without any criticism? This didn’t just happen out of nowhere. They got away with killings before, they just thought this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

“Look, it’s a horrific thing that happened…Once we have all the facts, then we’ll make a policy determination,” Kushner said.

Ah yes. Because this is the “facts” administration. The best of the best from the facts party.

I guess for them, facts are like Pokemon. “Gotta catch 'em all!”

“I choose YOU leakachu!”

This situation is still upsetting to me, and I’m not even a journalist. I keep thinking about his fiancé waiting in the car for him to return while he’s being rendered into parts.


That might be overestimating the UN’s influence here.

So long as “Eh, what are you going to do? Deplore it or something? Maybe have a resolution double-secret deploring it languish in committee?” is a fairly reasonable assessment of the risk posed it’s a bit tricky to justify the potential PR hit.

That’s not to say I think he’d hesitate for a minute if he thought it was the better plan; just that high profile tampering with an investigation that has basically no consequences at its disposal isn’t an obviously better plan.

IIRC from the transcript last time, one of them said “it helps if you wear earbuds and play music.” I.e., not their first rodeo.

but…but Benghazi! Seriously though, why aren’t the Democrats clogging up the house with endless hearings about this…

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Coming soon: America’s partner in war!

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