Creep Qawwali: Hilarious musical video about sleazy dudes on Facebook

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It’s Act I of The Merry Wives of Windsor!

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Wow, that was trippy!

Fantastic! Too bad whoever wrote the YouTube description had to creepily describe it as a cat fight.


Is there a translation of the lyrics?


This was fantastic, but I wish I understood more. What was the plot twist? Was it the same guy stalking both? Was it each other’s boyfriends? Was it EACH OTHER?

Now I need to know.

(Doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, sadly.)

I thought it was pretty obvious - they’re bragging about their facebook boyfriends, and it’s a great big rap battle, and only at the end do they realize they’re both… what’s the word for it, dating? Both dating the same man.


This is the first I heard of Qawwali, but from the format I got the feeling maybe it is traditionally a kind of bragging rap battle (about how awesome their men are?) and this is a reversal: they’re humblebragging instead about being creepily stalked by a worse sexist scumbag than the other.

A “four yorkshiremen” style you-think-you’ve-got-it-bad-let-me-tell-you-about-bad kind of thing.



I think that’s what I got from the context. “My creep is creepier than your creep”, something like that.
Only it turns out they’re the same guy. D’oh!



Spoiler Alerts ahead…


They begin by comparing creeps who stalk them on Facebook. Then one upstages the other by saying that her Facebook stalker has started stalking her in meatspace. They go back and forth, one’s creep is planning their unlikely wedding, one’s is naming their prospective offspring. One’s sends pictures. One’s sends dickpicks. One’s starts tagging her in pictures (if I understand correctly she says her pictures, which would suggest a real-world casual acquaintance, which is a common source of Facebook stalkers).

At this point they start saying their creeps do the same things and their expressions grow suspicious. Something about the creep(s) and luxury vehicles. Something about the creep(s) calling them both nightingales. One singer ask the other if her creep’s name begins with the letter S? The other responds by asking if her creep’s name begins with the letter K. “Suresh?” “Kumar?” This would be roughly akin to saying John and Paul in the West (where Paul might as easily be a first or last name)*. But from their body language, I think the insinuation is that their creep is the same dude…particularly since the final refrain is no creep is more creepy than our creep.

To the above commenters: It’s great that you’re curious. I’m glad I watched the video before I saw your comments. But I implore you to pleeze warn people when you’re going to spoil (or try to spoil) the plot twist.

*Also, watch for “Suresh Kumar” peeking from the rafters at 3:05.


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