Creep: servers should "show some skin." Restaurant replies brilliantly



spuds not “studs.”

42 thumbs up to Atomic Grill owner Daniel McCawley :smiley:

Post fake sexist review online.

Get media to cover fake review posted online.

Further the PR by making menu items that respond to fake review.

Haven’t we learned anything from all those fake sexist/racist/homophobic things written as tips on checks in restaurants.

Not saying that’s 100% for certain what happened here but I’m also not seeing anyone else even come to close to questioning this. Has anyone even confirmed that the there was ever even really a review that has since been removed?

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I’m more creeped out by those industrial homer simpsonesque radiation handling gloves.

Considering that the worst consequence of this potential fraud is that a restaurant sells a few more potato skins than they might have otherwise + everyone is reminded not to be a creepy dick, I’d say it’s safe for most folks to save their skepticism for another day.


Yeah nothing wrong at all about lying to get free PR, we should encourage it actually.


You’re making a very cynical assumption.


In other words, you have no reason at all for calling these people liars, except it feels good?


As though there are so few creeps on the internet that one would have invent one. HA.


Meh. PR is basically lying, is it not? Besides, who doesn’t like potato skins?

There was this statement in the linked article:

"After WBOY received concerns about the background of certain employees at the Atomic Grill and whether it was appropriate to support the “Show Your Skin” event there, WBOY reached out to the restaurant’s owners for additional comment. "

I wonder what that’s about.

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