Creepy couture ski mask from 1962




Bring out The Gimp!!


That looks like a second grader’s art project. Was hideously poor construction in fashion at the time?


I hate you for getting to this joke before me.


Here, you can make a joke about this one:


I would actually love the photo and composition without the text.


Strangely, they look almost identical to the “face-kini” craze on the beaches of China:


Burn victim?


I’d like to think it might look a little better from the side, as this view seems to obliterate the nose.


“Mother always seemed to be more comfortable with dolls than her real children…”


Well, that would make a startlingly scary improvement to Pulp Fiction.


Holy crap, that’s freaky. Looks like something Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs would have concocted.


Let’s just go here:


It really does. The head’s pretty sharply curved, so a lot of seams will be required, but that really doesn’t explain the terrible stitching around the mouth.


Would HUGH lyke to go SKEEE-INK, Daaaaa-VITCH!?


Skis without a Face, love that film.


It rubs the lotion on its skin?


latex pr0n.

that is all.





P.S. 19 November 2013: Never forget, puhleeze…


Where’d you find my family photos?!