Creepy Thicke album "disastrous flop"

Google. Bing. Yahoo Answers.


Yeah. “How dare you mention your own perspective on the topic at hand (possibly different from my own) AND be curious about those of others? Go away, this is no place for conversation.” Gotcha.


His wikipedia page does have a story involving him and Wayne Gretzky.

When Thicke was 11, Wayne Gretzky had been babysitting him while his father was on vacation when the Edmonton Oilers superstar learned he had officially been traded to the Los Angeles Kings and had to suddenly leave. Alan Thicke reportedly didn’t find out that his son was home alone until he called home the next morning and found out that Gretzky had to leave because he was traded.

Have sales overall actually withered enough that 530 copies puts you ‘on the charts’ at all, even at #200? That’s down in ‘CD-Rs and sharpies’ volume…


Apparently somewhere over 100,000 copies sold will get you to the top of the UK charts, although obviously it varies according to the time of year and what else is out that week.
Also, they’ve just started counting streaming music towards the chart figures in the last week or so (they’ve counted downloads for a few years).

To misquote Wilde (or is it Churchill?), “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is being talked about to decide if there’s anything to talk about.”

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Man, if people find out about rap musicians, the whole music industry’s gonna go belly up.

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Am I the only one who thinks Creepy Thicke is an ok band name?


Eh, he stole his big video from Deadpool anyway.

And so much time has been spent on this song…okay, derailment time: I wonder, is Boing Boing going to remain silent on the Cards Against Humanity issue? Thicke has been accused, again and again, of being “super rapey” with this lyric, but you have this beloved game where one of the creators has been accused of rape, and…meh.

I actually got told on Reddit, by an angry horde, that “I know you want it”, a line from a one-hit wonder in a forgettable summer hit, is way more problematic than blunt lines about raping women from top 20 rappers. “I know you want it, the way you grab me”? Super rapey. Talking about jacking a car and raping the driver, on an album that went platinum? Nah.

So far, all I’ve found is a blog post from him denying it, and a Reddit thingy seemingly in support of him (with the usual blind zeal that comes with defending the accused), and that was 16 hours ago. I’ve seen articles pop up on BB a full day after the event, so it’s probably all in due time.

Nobody else seems to have reported on it, either, mind. Aside from a single crappy Slashdot entry that links to Wil Wheaton’s reblog, the most recent news regards an anti-transgender card from late last month.

Who the hell is Wayne Goetse? This isn’t ESPN. There are lots of foosball players from my country that I don’t know because I don’t own a TV. The last time I listened to the radio, the #1 song was Largo Al Factotum. Once, I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time.


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