Creepy Thicke album "disastrous flop"




Said the forlorn singer, “I really thought they wanted it.”


Well, that doesn’t mean it was lousy. Maybe it’s beyond most people or they can’t face it… Time will tell.


I listened to a bit of this performers music. Definably not up to the quality of is fathers “Facts of Life” theme song.


To be fair, it must be difficult for him to put out quality work. I mean, people all over the world are probably still saying his name three times to make him go away, and with no coordination between them he must be vanishing and reappearing all the time.



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This exactly. Context? Is it someone we should care about? Or not caring is the whole joke? Not everyone in the world is familiar with every celebrity.


It’s someone I don’t know anything about and am wondering if I should bother caring about them. I’ve done my best to care little about any celebrities since I realized that every time I learned about one a more interesting fact that I wanted to keep would fall out of my brain.


Basically, he released a song called “Blurred Lines,” which has since been criticised for glorifying rape with some of its, erm, lines, coupled with a version of its video full of nude women. He also dry-humped Miley Cyrus on stage.

His latest flop is all about his efforts in getting his estranged wife back (hence the title, “Paula”). I can only imagine that she’s looking at this bit o’ news, thinking to herself: “This is why I left you, you creep!”


“What rhymes with ‘flop’?”


So all’s I need is to sell some 500+ albums to be on the top 200?, that’s interesting…


Well, he’s had some really massive hit songs, and some extremely popular albums, so his recording of an anti-hit-album is definitely pop-culture newsworthy. Worth googling for context, anyway.


Don’t reply to these deliberately ignorant people. If they honestly don’t know who he is (which I doubt, if only because of ongoing BoingBoing coverage since August of 2013) they can look him up themselves instead of derailing a comment thread while showboating about their isolation from pop-culture.

If it was a Walking Dead post and they said “What? Sorry, I don’t own a TV.” would you assume they were genuinely asking and then explain the plot for them? Or would you infer they were self-aggrandizing? :slight_smile:


Ever heard of “other countries”? Do take your own advice and look it up.

(Edit: less knee-jerk indignation and name calling. Not necessary.)


My sincere apologies to anyone else I’ve offended by my honest curiosity of why boingboing is on a first name basis with this obscure-to-me person. Not asking for spoon-feeding of everything, but this isn’t TMZ either.

Carry on.


I’m so old. The only thing I know about this guy is that he put out a porny video for his last album and that he looks like a jackass in his publicity photos. Apparently he’s also a jackass in real life? Also I thought the song in that porny video was dreadful, so I didn’t bother to look up any of his other work.


Thank you.


I don’t see why you need to apologise. There are a ton of so-called “celebs” in my home country that prompt me to say “who?” when they appear on the TV, so it’s hardly out of the question for someone outside of the US to think the same of a US-based artist when they crop up on the news. We can’t know everything or everyone. :smile:


It’s hard enough keeping up with the flood of good new cultural memes around the world. But having to be familiar with even the bullshit foreign ones under penalty of being considered some sort of elitist troll with no other provocation is news to me.


Er, I would assume they were genuinely asking. Though you may not yet understand this, that is actually the more reasonable interpretation.