Creepy vintage toys


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I wonder if the intention back when these were made was to traumatize the crap out of kids and force them into growing up.


Charlie McCarthy isn’t creepy.
In fact he is the only non-creepy ventriloquist’s dummy ever.


The spirit of Playtown Meat Market lives on.


My wife hates Jack-in-the-boxi.


Far too complex. Have you been arguing philosophy with that Holiday guy?


Charlie McCarthy looks respectable but his frequent jabs at other performers (including Edgar Bergen himself) and his calls to “Mow 'em down!” reveal that even though he was definitely funnier he was just as bitter and angry as his brother Eugene.


Wait, these were intended to be creepy? Are you saying these are like the (even more) old-timey version of Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids?


AKA Dr. Mondo!


Surely you mean Joe?

Now that’s creepy!


Yes! Thank you for the correction. Oh, heck, why not all of 'em?


Weebles wobble but they don’t steal your soul.


I’m sad that the soon meme has gone out of fashion.

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