Criminal mastermind arrested for robbing same bank, twice

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Weirdly this was my first thought, except that as a kid, it always bugged me that W.E. Coyote didn’t try things again with small adjustments.


This sounds like someone thoroughly institutionalized looking to go back home. It’s sad but at 50+ years old and federal felonies he has about zip chance of finding a life outside. Private prisons scores another success.


My first question was “what did he think was going to happen?!”- like, did he think nobody would suspect the bank robber who just got out of jail, even assuming the actual crime went off without a hitch? Doing it with the deliberate intention (or at least expectation) of getting caught is really the only thing that makes sense.

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Maybe he just misunderstood how double jeopardy works? I mean, it DOES say you can’t be charged with the same crime twice, right…?


My neighbors once found this abandoned car on their front lawn. The police asked for the exact year, make and model, and then said they knew who it would have stolen it. The guy’s girlfriend lived in a shelter over the road. So the police arrested him. He got bailed, kicked out of the shelter, and was last seen breaking into another car around the corner, again, the same model.

Maybe the mastermind in the article only knows of one the bank. If he was smart he would have a real job.

Has nobody noticed yet that this guy’s initials are B.A.D.?

I am reminded of the guy that went back to the same bank that he had robbed a few days later to deposit the money. The kicker? He was a Military Policeman.

He’s stealing wheelbarrows.

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