Cringe at this montage of Donald Trump peddling his many failed products (video)

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He’s really refined his inflection since the old “shout everything at the top of my lungs,” style of delivery.
Oh, wait, no he hasn’t.


Like the energizer bunny he just keeps going nowhere at a steady pace


A cheap huckster, then and now.


The ad for that board game is hilarious. It’s not even kids playing it, it’s, I guess, 80’s stockbrokers?


How can anyone not see this guy for what he is?


I’ve been wondering that since he descended that fucking escalator to announce his bid for the presidency…


He appears to be doing a James Austin Johnson impression of Trump in the Trump Trading Cards clip.


He’s been America’s foremost public grifter since the 1980s, a modern and more toxic P.T. Barnum. There’s no explaining it except for a complete lack of sophistication (e.g. thinking “The Apprentice” is reality) or that they see what he is and like it.


I was mostly (and blissfully) unaware of Trump before he oozed onto the national political stage. I’d heard about many of these scams but I never watched The Apprentice or saw any of these commercials. It surprised me, then, to see how consistent DT’s public persona has been over the years. His pitch hasn’t changed an iota. Best, biggest, fabulous, blah blah blah. The only cliche missing was “a lot of people are saying.”

I’d imagined that to remain in the public eye so long he’d have to have developed and honed his personal style to keep it fresh. Nope. He’s saying today the exact same things he’s been saying for the last thirty years. Yet suckers keep biting. I’d like to know what it is that enabled this serial fraudster to flourish while his fellow grifters faded. He wasn’t the first flamboyant racist, misogynistic high-rolling asshole to fleece the masses, but he’s the one who became President and is now worshipped as a god. One helluva world.


I suppose that Trump’s shtick worked well enough for long enough to convince him that he didn’t need to change it.


His schtick has long been selling average to sub par goods at higher prices and brand them as “luxury” for people who can’t afford the real thing.

And it isn’t like that isn’t a proven marketing strategy. There are a lot of celebrities who endorse products to give them an air of sophistication or quality (which may or may not be there.)

He is basically selling himself - which is also subpar and over priced…


As much as I appreciate Mr. Filipkowski’s work in assembling this montage, I absolutely cannot stand the speaking style/cadence of the Orange Asshat. I won’t be watching.


billy mayes set it and forget it GIF
Deja vu…


Lucky! I was aware of Trump from a very young age. I think it was mostly just from tabloid covers in the grocery line. Maybe I saw him on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or something, too.

In my early teens John Gorka’s song “Where the Bottles Break” kind of gave me permission to really despise Trump, though. Thank you, Mr. Gorka. Here he is playing it more recently, he keeps getting better.

Buy low, sell high.
You get rich and you still die.
Money talks, people jump.
Ask “how high” low-life Donald What’s-his-name.
And who cares?
I don’t wanna know what his girlfriend doesn’t wear.
It’s a shame that the people at work
want to hear about this kind of jerk.

  1. The influx of cash from his dad, and what this video actually shows: Rich people can try and fail and try and fail over and over again until something works. They get unlimited spins on the wheel where most folks are lucky to get one or two.

  2. The sheer narcissism to keep going no matter how many people told him no.

  3. There is a specific skill of telling people nothing in a way that they hear whatever they want to. It has a lot to do with tone and cadence, and you’ll see similar techniques used in hypnosis and NLP. Trump is an absolute master of it.

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Great! Can we have a montage of Trump being attacked be American Bald Eagles next?



Good choice. It’s exactly as awful as you might imagine or remember.


It’ll be interesting to see what historians make of it, but I also think the sheer timing of it played a big role.
Remember, he ran back in 2000, to much different results.


I learned about Trump partly from Doonesbury, who started mocking him back in 1986.