Cringeworthy news bloopers, part 3


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Whoa Nelly!


That traffic lady rap.


Dribbled a bit of my tea at 2:44. (Cued video link starts at 2:22 for context.)


I think that might be the opposite of cringe-worthy but it’s followed by a traffic rap so there’s that.

It’s very, very funny - and horrifying at the same time - but not cringy.


I was just going to say I didn’t make it past the traffic rap.


Starting at 1:46 I wish I had some context for the young woman being asked if her father was African American or if her parents were white. That might have been making a point about perceptions race in the US, but judging from her reaction it seems more likely it had nothing to do with what she expected to be asked about.


That’s Rachel Dolezal. There was some hubbub about her and her position in the NAACP.


I had to quit as soon as I heard “Alright, here’s my rap…”. Nope - can’t handle any more.



O’Leary’s opinions aren’t ‘bloopers’. They should be well known by now, eh.


Specifically she had spun out this whole public narrative about being African-American to the point of making use of black scholarships, leveraging her purported identity into a career, and identifying a black man as her father at a public event. Her actual parents are both of German descent, and very clearly not African, and they produced some very pale pictures of her before she started aggressive tanning and curling her hair in order to try to pass as black. This was an investigative reporter calling her on the carpet over some public falsehoods.


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