Crocs gloves: "dad’s favorite shoes... for your hands"

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Wtf. It has none of the benefits of gloves and all the downsides of crocs. Great job, you invented fashion.




I don’t want to disappoint him, but those are at least close to having some actual gardening uses, especially here in the desert Southwest.


I was thinking MMA.


Nice idea - both as a prank, and perhaps as a practical project for good hand protection (had they been slightly differently designed) but what an utterly crap video. Yeah, I really want to watch while you dictate every word you are typing into a website. No, I really did not want to see you actually trying to put the things on or comment on how they felt or how practical they were in use, and your idea to see what they looked like being used in public and whether people thought they were a real thing was so much better for just showing us some glove-on-hand shots and not actually getting anyone’s reaction, so thanks for not filming any of that shit.

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If they had fingers they would basically be fishing gloves. Just need some texture for grip.

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He’s got one pre-order already.

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“Not only do I make beautiful products, but they’re also 80% functional.”

That made me laugh.


Given actual Crocs’ tendency to friction-stick to the floor and send kids flying, these gloves could be used by butter-fingered flooring installers.


Probably one of the best examples of prototyping where 3D printing was not the right choice. At all.

I want a croc mask …with bluetooth …and the obligatory strap can be a small screen which hinges into place. (“Eludes Face Recognition Software!!!”) the danger with this is it might not remain an “Unnecessary Invention” (requiste Princess Bride reference)

I was really not expecting him to outsource actually designing the 3D model of these things. That somehow feels extra-sleazy in the environment of a video about “I had a stupid idea and I made it into reality”.


Apparently he got a ‘cease and desist’ letter.

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