Tactical Crocs


But are they… strategic?


Ninja Slippers

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Every time I think I’ve seen the dumbest thing ever, something dumber comes along. ::slowclap:: Well played, Crocks.


Get ready to lower your expectations again: I present the perfect charms for tactical crocs, Croc Ballz.


But will they work with tactical crocs? :thinking: I’m not buying in until I have a guarantee.


Neither of those are exactly dumb. Tasteless, though? Nailed it.

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I don’t know- I thought the truck balls were pretty stupid. Someone who feels like they need them on their feet? That’s not someone I want to meet.

But I guess there’s some utility there- a convenient shorthand for “Danger, Keep Away”, like a radiation symbol or a high voltage sticker, but for toxic masculinity.

And jumping over to the meta side for a minute (no, nobody’s talking to you Facebook), I do admire the marketing savoir faire that prompted people to produce this junk.

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