Crooked: a photo catalog of protest signs to benefit the American Refugee Committee, Planned Parenthood, and Reading Partners

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The first time I traveled outside of the United States, I was twelve years old. The destination was that mysterious place my immigrant parents fondly referred to as “back home” whenever they told us childhood stories: Lebanon. We were vacationing there for the summer of 2006 and meeting our extended family. I don’t recall much about the first few days of the trip other than how new and exciting everything had seemed to me. And how quickly it all would change.

I remember the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode from Beirut from that same war as having been very good background as well. It’s currently available (but annoyingly un-directly-linkable) on page 2 of the Travel Channel site’s rotating No Reservations playlist (and other places on the Internets, so I’ve been told…):

He is quick to acknowledge how, regardless of all the logistical problems their crew is facing, they’re extremely lucky to be Rich Foreigners in a Nice Hotel. That there’s somehow less urgency to their situation, and that the story which needs to be told is that of the people on the ground, such as this post.

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