“Crooked Hillary will die in jail!” and other tabloid stunners


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I wouldn’t be surprised if this one were true. Especially with the Dixie Chicks’ relationship with Bush II. Not that anything that they’d perform would be complimentary towards Trump…


I simply can’t fathom the depth of their rage. I don’t suppose it’s because she mishandled a few emails.


Can’t be because she’s a woman… I know, because I got yelled at for suggesting that perhaps there was some misogyny in the recent election…


I know, except other women are women too. They hate Oprah Winfrey, but they don’t gloat over her death behind bars. Clinton Derangement Syndrome is the deadliest one yet.

Maybe it’s Whitewater. You think?


Women can be misogynistic too, though, not just men. But your guess is as good as mine on why the deep Hillary hate. I still think that misogyny has a lot to do with it… But again, since I’ve been yelled at for “attacking” people for giving my opinions, I better step away.


Don’t take it personally. It’s the internet. They yell at everybody.


Hard not to when you’re told that you are making attacks you aren’t making.

But thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.


Trump might go to jail, but it’s beginning to sound like he might enjoy it.


Firstly, let me point out yet again that Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, and William won’t “rule” until after Charles has died.

As I am fond of pointing out, if Charles kicks it before Liz, then William and his weird 1940s-retro children won’t rule shit. In that scenario the big prize would go to Prince Andrew; and when he dies…


I’m pretty sure that’s not true.


It surely is. They have talked about updating the rules so men and women get the same priority, but as I understand it that would only cover future generations, so Anne only wins if all three of her brothers die first.


From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succession_to_the_British_throne (emphasis mine):

The Act of Settlement 1701 provides that Protestant “heirs of the body” (that is, legitimate descendants) of Sophia, Electress of Hanover, are eligible to succeed to the throne, unless otherwise disqualified. The meaning of heir of the body is determined by the common law rules of male preference primogeniture (the “male-preference” criterion is no longer applicable, in respect of succession to the throne, to persons born after 28 October 2011), whereby older children and their descendants inherit before younger children, and a male child takes precedence over a female sibling.



but someone told me


Assuming this is, in any way, real rage. Although tabloids have skewed conservative, I suspect jumping so heavily on the Trump bandwagon was that they realized Trump supporters were the ultimate fake news demographic, and they’re doing what they can to cater to that group.


Cetacean needed.


You must be spending a lot of extra time at the nail salon.


It is a reported hatred, so I guess it might just be manufactured. People are told other people hate someone else, so feel there must be something worth getting het up about.