George Clinton: "No funk in da' Trump"


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Why is this even news? Clinton is polling about 98% among black folks. That poor “Blacks for Trump” guy muse be real lonely.


Could be because he’s fed up of people thinking he’s running?
I mean if they can’t tell Bill from Hillary… and he is another Clinton…

Actually, I might vote for George Clinton. Just for the epic inauguration party.
George Clinton/Kanye West 2020!


Trump voters would keep calling him Obama.


I keep hearing about thousands of people smashing their pathetic, unmelodic George Clinton albums.


No funk in the Trunk.


You have strange auditory hallucinations. Take Oxy, much?


I pledge my funk to the United Funk of Funkadelica.





Yeah, man, groovy, I can dig it, now get the funk out and vote, y’all. Word.


Yeah, Trump is bad.

Soooo… why no coverage of the shocking, brutal violence being inflicted on Dakota Access Pipeline protestors? I know BoingBoing isn’t really a journalism site, as such, but it does tend to focus on police brutality and civil rights a lot, and this seems more relevant and interesting than saying “Trump is an asshole Trump Trump Trumpity Trump” for the 100,000th time.



The pipeline protests are newsworthy, but the corporatocracy doesn’t want your perspective here, apparently?


I see Trump is hitting back:


George Clinton’s second most important political message. The first, of course, was this:


I remember in '96 (or after '92, anyway) seeing a bumper sticker (or maybe portions of 2) where someone had taken an X-acto and changed “Clinton / Gore” into “George Clinton.”


What? No “Chocolate City”??

They still call it the White House
But that’s a temporary condition, too.


I was basing my comment upon this:


Efforts like this aren’t a question of whether the people who are going to vote are going to vote for Trump. Obviously they aren’t. The voter suppression Trump has planned is more about keeping them home. It won’t matter if Clinton has 98% of the vote in a particular focus group if 50% of them don’t go vote.


a chocolate city is NO DREAM!