Uniting democrats the Snoop Dogg way


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And to think, this man talks for a living.


It’s a shame Rick James isn’t still around.


Damn it. I thought the headline was “Uniting democrats under Snoop Dogg” and that he had somehow overtaken Clinton as the presumptive nominee.


Fo shizzle my prezzizzle


I might actually consider voting Democrat in November for that. Still suck deciding between Jill and Mimi for now.


Uniting behind that morally bankrupt monster? You’ve got to be kidding.


The Democrats are “fractured”? I disagree.

I’d like to sit down with Snoop and …unite a party or two. Yeah.


It’d be a step up!


Kanye said he’d run in 2020. I think I’d vote Snoop over Kanye, but I’m not sure. I’d have to see their platforms, I guess.


Suddenly I’m imagining presidential debates with candidates trying to find every creative way possible to pull an “Im’ma let you finish” on Kanye.


I guess that depends. If you count “wacky leftists” and socialists like me as “not actually a democrat,” then you’re right, it’s probably not. :laughing: But if you expect us wacky leftists and socialists to vote Democrat, then yes, yes it is. We’re a big part of the Democrat base (whether we like it or not PS we don’t) and we’re tired of being dragged into voting for weak tea candidates.

(Disclaimer: Not thrilled with Bernie or Hillary and can’t vote Jill Stein in my state. I’ll be voting for Hillary while I go try to toss out the Tea Partiers from my state legislature.)


I’m a wacky leftist, too. (Nice to meet ya)

I suppose I do not count myself as part of the Dems’ base. I could be. But, you’re right! These candidates are weak. Weak tea. So, I look elsewhere…

For the second time, I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein.


Snoop over Kanye? I don’t know… I have to admit to a soft spot for Kanye, for some reason. Maybe it’s the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” bit and the “Im’ma let you finish” bit with old Swifty (who really just irritates me).

But honestly, if we’re hope for rappers for president, I’m gonna go with my hometown hero Killer Mike… He’s a man of the people.


I like Kanye, and I’d take him over the actual options in a heartbeat. I just think Snoop seems more chill, and that’s the quality I’d value most in a president.


He’d be our first Rasta pres, too. That’s something.


I like to think that Snoop would put a stop to all that war on drugs nonsense.
When you think about it, a stoned Snoop is still more coherent than a sober Trump.


Jay Smooth for VP?



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