Crosby, Stills & Nash's unused theme song for War Games (1983)


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Wow synthpop CS&N… I am aghast.


Yeah synthpop was not what I expected! Suitable for the theme though, and not a bad movie song by any means. I wonder why it was pulled? Anyone know?


“I’ll be the Russians” Sounds very familiar, um don’t tell me…


Ummm, because, crap? 1980’s?


Arg. The only way to win is not to play.


Pretty much just told the entire movie in the one trailer - just left out Professor Falken cuz - ah - spoiler alert. Anyway . . . boy that song sucked.


Hmmm… Well, as a certain star ship captain once said of Tribbles, there’s no accounting for taste.


I guess it was the MTV thing. But I always got it in my head this was used in the movie for the end credit music.


Needs a mashup with:


Who asked them to write a theme song for that movie? What were they thinking?

But if you played this for me without telling me who it was, I would have never guessed it was CS&N in a million years…


It hurts.

Let’s just pretend it never happened and listen to Rubinstein’s theme again:


OMG. I have this single. Yes, there was a 45-RPM single released for this, and somewhere in my vinyl collection, it’s still there.


A pretty forgettable generic 80s song that I never would have pegged CS&N for.

OTOH watching that I noticed Barry Corbin and was kinda surprised I never associated him with War Games since his role in Northern Exposure is the one that defines him for me.


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