Crovel II: an extreme multi-purpose field-shovel tailor-made for zombie-killing


My experience with those flip out shovels is that the joint is always under-engineered and it breaks the first time you really need it. I’m not paying $170 to figure out if these guys have solved the problem yet or not.

You want something for the Zombie Apocalypse, get a Halligan Bar. It’s a fireman’s tool, but it’s pretty much a Lobo. . .

Nice to see it’s got a bottle opener on it as well.

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I like the paracord handle. I’ve wrapped my ice axe that way. It’s a great way to store the cord and create a grippable surface, and you never know when the paracord will come in handy (quite often when backpacking)!

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Oh come on, if you really want a zombie, weapon, just get a real one.

IMHO - the Ruger 10/22 is the perfect anti-zombie weapon.

Zombies only die from head shots. Things we care about in the real world, like take down power, are irrelevant.

The 10/22 is light weight, can use 25rnd magazines, very accurate, relatively quiet (near silent with a suppressor), very low recoil for quick follow up shots for young and old, uses a reliable, proven design, and 500+ rounds are about the size and weight of a brick. Also great for small game for supper getting.

Not just head shots: roast them properly with a flamethrower, molotov cocktail, or other fire weapon, and there’s no need for a head shot.

Seasoning and garnishes, that’s a different question. . .

Apparently a .22 is only adequate for rabbit or squirrel zombies. Also a tactical .22 looks ridiculous.

I doubt a .22 could reliably pierce a skull from any kind of distance.

Yeah - I’d rather not. They don’t drop when on fire, they still run/amble around, setting shit on fire you might not want set on fire.

They would be fine against zombies. The one fellow’s dismissal of .22lr for anything but “whites of the eyes” range is unfounded. Yes, a .22lr can do weird things and bounce off of a skull, or I’ve seen a case where it zipped along between the scalp and the skull. But these aren’t your normal occurrences. Could it happen? Sure, but how often? 1 out of 100? Even giving it a generous 1 out of 4 chance, you just follow up with a second shot, it doesn’t negate all of the other benefits.

At 100 yards and a medium sized even a novice could hit head sized targets all day long. Set on a bench, you can get quarter sized groups or better. 50 yards with a red dot sight.

While it is kind of silly to label a 10/22 a tactical (hey, it helps sell stuff), I picked that variant for several reasons. The stock is thick and sturdy, and unlike wood, it won’t warp if wet and won’t splinter if used as a club. It already has a rail installed to mount a scope or red dot sight. The bull barrel is thicker for more accuracy and less likely to bend if used as a club. The bipod might be a little superfluous in some cases, and just what is needed in others.

There is one other version they set out to make which is very similar to the one above, but the barrel is already threaded for a suppressor.


if only that were true. as it happens the .22LR round has killed more people in history than any other round.(you’d think it’d be the 7.62 given that the Kalishnakov is the most widely made gun on the planet…but nope.)

If you want something with reliability testing, one of the common entrenching tool models would probably suit. Still not a proper shovel; but plenty of user testing for a variety of purposes.

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That’s true, but most of those deaths are due to accidents because of the sheer ubiquity of that type of rifle.
Not to mention it’s often the first type of firearm people use/buy and is often given to children.

You don’t exactly see armed forces carrying a .22 into battle.

not commonly. but it’s happened. normally on specialist sidearms with suppression devices affixed. anyways I do take your point.

Meet the AR-7 survival rifle…

Note: Stay on topic.

But could you kill a zombie with a cronut, or a cruller?

The subsonic (500 fps) Aguila .22 LR Super Colibri consistently goes right through good grade 18/32" plywood when fired from a revolver. Yes, a 22 rifle round traveling 1,100 fps will reliably penetrate the skull, but it has to enter at the eyes or higher.

As I’ve always said, this is one of the weakest points of The Walking Dead and every other zombie movie - that people aren’t sniping zombies all day with 22s and improvised suppressors. Confronted with 20 zombies, someone should just step up and say “I got this” and take them all down with a 10/22.