Crow has ulterior motives


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‘Crow has ulterior motives’

Yes. Always.



Someone should have known that corvids have a reputation as tool users. They just haven’t worked out how to get credit cards so they can use Home Depot.


So crow stealing spoon. And here’s Crow with a knife. Next, crow with a fork?


Yeah he probably had a bowl of cereal getting soggy somewhere. He needed that spoon stat!


Well, not all of us were born with it already in our mouths.



mmmm. . . блестящий!


In the Corvidae hierarchy of needs, “shiny” ranks well above “yummy.”


Wait, the office workers have windows they can open?


Right. That’s just what Putin wants you to think.


­ Yet.


I liked watching it work out the weight and balance.


I wasn’t surprised by this. One time I saw a crow casually flying overhead with a blue plastic coat hanger in it’s mouth.



It almost seemed like it was trying to dump the excess snow.


It’s Russia. For those days when it just isn’t worth it.


Needed that fork to complete his set.


This is just like the do-godders sending crap to third world countries that they can’t use- it’s hard to make sure you’re giving them want THEY need, not what YOU want to give.