Crowd-sourced compilation of resources about Paxlovid

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As I was reading that, in my head it was the voice of the person at the end of a commercial who describes the side effects.


I was very fortunate to be able to access this. And fortunately had no side effects. The third day in to treatment I had a very good response and COVID symptoms went well down.


When I went in for my second booster a few weeks ago, the queue to get Pavloxid was even longer. Pharmacists have to be extra careful distributing it, especially to elderly people, because there are a lot of potentially dangerous interactions with other meds.


The metallic taste was brutal, but my symptoms disappeared quickly, and I’ve been fine since. I’m so grateful for medical science!


I suggested it to a friend who came down with COVID a couple of weeks ago, who has had had serious respiratory infections in the past. His doctor recommended that he avoid Paxlovid if possible due to cases of people taking it ¨rebounding¨ and having worse COVID the next time they catch it. Sheesh.

I’m on two medications that interact with paxlovid, my cardiologist won’t even take me off one for a couple days for various procedures. The last time I needed a scope of my esophagus the two doctors discussed it for two days before deciding to do the test while taking the medication.

So some of us high risk people may not be able to benefit from a drug that could help high risk people.

I do know if I test positive for covid the first call will be to my cardiologist to ask him wtf do I do?


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