Crowdfund this dark satirical web series about Alex Jones

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His Jones impression is funny, but he’s too likeable to really pull it off. Jones has that insane “I’ll murder and eat my neighbors” vibe that D’Amato doesn’t.


I thought Alex Jones already produced a “dark satirical web series” called InfoWars…


Satire is dead, which sucks if you’re a satirist, but doesn’t make it any less true.


Dude is too self-congratulatory for me.

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The video was so lame, I couldn’t even finish it.

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Imma go with Tuck Buckford:


The Onion still pretty consistently proves that’s not true.


Not “a vibe,” when he actually said that shit; it’s a fact.


Thanks for sharing Thom <3 Appreciate your getting the word out.

For those who offered kind words and contributed already, THANK YOU!


Hey brother, I sincerely appreciate the feedback.

I can’t stand people who are too up their own rear-ends, so I’m sorry if it came off that way. The strategy in my talking so extensively of the success of the stage production was - I’m a working class actor. I make a living, but I’m not famous. To get people to actually reach into their pocket and offer an unknown actor and writer their hard earned money, especially with all that is going on, the thought was to offer some credibility. Mention that this particular piece has a track record of success, so that you can be confident as a potential contributor, that the follow up will carry some of that same juice.

Either way though, thanks for at least checking it out and I appreciate the feedback <3


How the hell do you caricature a man who has made himself into a caricature?


That was the challenge of writing the piece! What we ended up doing was starting it in a grounded place, characterizing Alex as a skilled con-man who makes a living off of gullible people, but over the course of the show he loses control of the beast he created. We present Alex as he is in all his craziness, but the way we satirize it is to have the circumstances around him get progressively more ridiculous as the piece goes on, including actual manifestations of supernatural beings. It gets real nuts.


I’ve actually seen that asshole at work in person. A while back he was putting on a show at a trailhead leading into a local park. The rules these days require people to go online to make reservations to enter the park, to cut down on the size of the crowd. And he was there screaming about how all anti-virus isolation rules are really nothing but an evil government conspiracy to condition people to being used to being bossed around by evil government. When he gets cranked up he’s worse than a Holy Roller speaking in tongues. He sprays slobber and screams until his throat is so raw it sounds like he’s dying of asthma - which I personally hoped he was, but God did not see fit to bless us that day.

Well, OK then.
Good luck.

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