Crowdfunded initiative to pierce the Moon with anime spear raises $300k


This is so exciting!!!

I can’t wait to tell the homeless guy that sleeps behind the dumpsters near my apartment!!!


If we’re going to commemorate a fictional thing that was done to the moon by actually doing something to the moon…

Just sayin’.


I can’t remember the last time I was this exited and disappointed at the same time.

Will the collective groan be heard on the moon when the spear hits the ground, fails to stick, and topples over?


Do you want to get third impact? Cause this is how you get third impact.


Heinlein and Zelazny too.

I always enjoyed the old Usenet group, myself.

Edit: Hmmm, it occurs to me belatedly that Agni didn’t graffiti Earth’s moon.

20th anniversary of Evangelion? Whelp there’s my “Holy shit, I’m old” moment for the week.


When aliens discover what is left of civilisation, which would reflect better on humanity - this, or the US flag?

Hey, the faster Instrumentality can happen, the better. I think. I’m not sure I understood the ending.

On a separate note, I suppose this project is the spiritual successor to that project to send bonsai trees into space

Jebus, thank you and screw you for pointing that out :smiley:

(Goes to play with my pen pen plushies)

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Screw that. I want Cobra Commander’s visage etched into the moon.

Not knowing anything about why placing a cocktail-umbrella-looking stick on the moon is a cool thing in the first place, I’m guessing the larger stick that has printed graphics on it (apparently meant as deliberate, sentient communication of some sort) would be the more interesting of the two to an outside observer.


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