Crowdfunding an Abomination with Gary Whitta!


What is “the first Star Wars standalone film”?

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He also used to write Amiga game reviews, back in the day (I thought he wrote for CU Amiga, but the internet tells me it was The One).

@bwv812, I think Disney are planning some extended universe type films as well as the 3 sequels, not directly connected with the main story arc. I think Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is attached to direct one of them, focussing on Boba Fett?

award-winning screenwriter who wrote The Book of Eli
Because of the latter I no longer believe the former.

I assume that’s a reference to the 1984 classic Caravan of Courage.

Hmm, Wikipedia says Whitta was born in 1972. Actually a 12-year-old screenwriter would explain a lot about that movie.

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