Crowdfunding an Abomination with Gary Whitta!




What is “the first Star Wars standalone film”?


He also used to write Amiga game reviews, back in the day (I thought he wrote for CU Amiga, but the internet tells me it was The One).

@bwv812, I think Disney are planning some extended universe type films as well as the 3 sequels, not directly connected with the main story arc. I think Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is attached to direct one of them, focussing on Boba Fett?

award-winning screenwriter who wrote The Book of Eli
Because of the latter I no longer believe the former.


I assume that’s a reference to the 1984 classic Caravan of Courage.

Hmm, Wikipedia says Whitta was born in 1972. Actually a 12-year-old screenwriter would explain a lot about that movie.


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