Cruel school bus driver faces 30 child abuse charges after slamming on the brakes (video)

For the most part, no. Lap belts are present but arent used by most.

Change is happening slowly though.


I’m beginning to think this may be a common trick amongst bus drivers, at least here in the UK.
My uncle and cousin both fessed up to it, though it may well not be their original idea.


Ditto. At least once a week and on practically every field trip. That and the driver not intervening when the back seat kids would drag a nerd into their turf and spend the whole trip torturing them. The only thing that driver ever stopped for was when they literally stuffed a kid out the window and almost dropped him in traffic.

My high school bus driver was a stickler for punctuality and used to wait to 1 minute after his ‘time’ just so he could slam the door in my face most mornings as I arrived at a gallop and leave me behind for an hour walk. Little pleasures I guess.


I always felt bad for bus drivers, they should just be tasked with driving safely, but since not everyone has little angels for kids they end up being part teacher part vice-principal part psychologist. Oh and part janitor, the time that kid ate too much candy and yakked it up all over.

Shout out to the guy who would drive us on field trips who spent his break time playing blues guitar. You were cool.

And my wife taught me this fun song she said they chanted on their bus:

Chofer, chofer, Mas velocidad. Metale la pata y vera como se va!


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