School bus monitor charged after choking a 7-year-old child, but still has his job

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Maybe the little shit deserved it. /s

Awfulness from everyone involved, the bus matron, the people that haven’t fired him, the school district.


I’ve had my fill of shit humans for the week.


And it is only Monday.

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It is possible that the district cannot legally fire him immediately. If he is a civil service employee and/or in a union bargaining unit, the district may only be able to put him on leave until it finishes an investigation. If that is the case, when the investigation is over, it will give him notice of the charges against him and an opportunity to be heard at an administrative hearing. Then it can fire him.


Damn you. There’s no need for that kind of language.

/s just in case.


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That leads me to wonder about their employment agreements and hiring practices. Maybe I’ve seen too many news stories about school districts not conducting or completing background checks on personnel who interact with children. When someone on staff is found to have a history of abuse, the usual excuses given are lack of funding, applicants, time required to conduct the screening before hiring, or all of the above. The worst is when they just eliminate or reduce the employment requirements. If a school employee’s actions lead to a lawsuit, someone else higher up the chain might lose their job, too.


maybe but choking them yourself is bad form when for twenty bucks you could
get a couple of kids two grades up to take care of it for you…


I came to this thread to read the article to verify what I already knew in my heart: the adult committing attempted murder was white and the child victim was Black.

So of course it’s only a misdemeanor. Amazed they didn’t arrest the kid.


For three days I got glommed up in some urgent yet interesting and totally absorbing work several days ago and was totally unplugged from everything having to do with the news. I slept very well during that time. I shall endeavor to take such news breaks on a regular basis.


Well, yeah. I mean, it’s not like he acknowledged the existence of trans people or slavery.


They haven’t fired him because they can’t replace him. Schools are desperate for bus drivers, but the job is hard, the pay is lousy, so the applicants are desperate 70-year-olds who hate children.


As horrible as this is, the first thing my brain came up with was “Why, you little…”

The irony to that is when my parents were in high school - early to mid 60’s - my dad, the senior in high school, drove the bus. Now I’m not sure anyone would get on board with the idea of an 18 year old driving a school bus full of kids around.


Greece is a shithole with a very nasty police department. They have a history in that town of protecting very bad, dangerous people.

There is no possible excuse for this short of the kid having pulled a knife or something.

The insurance would be really high.

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