Crushing adamantium with a hydraulic press


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I guess if you can’t score any unobtanium then adamantium will have to do.


Holy Shit What we gonna do widout people like dis in de world? He’sa fucking treasure.


Next week on the Hydraulic Press Channel: Mithril.



Coming March 3.


Yeah these guys are just delightful weirdos for the most part. So on the ball bearing I just figured it was a clever joke and practical effect. But the claws part clearly involved some CG. So its likely clever marketing.


Womp womp


I dunno about you, but I’m going to see it.


Oh, yeah!


I’m led to assume the HPC received some recent support by 20th Century Fox - if so congrats to the both of them. Truly outstanding use of grassroots marketing and a win-win by any measure.


It’s very dangerous, it can a-tack at any moment, so ve must deeeal with it.


There are other channels with hydraulic presses but none are as fun as this one.




I suspect this may have been an adamantium/vibranium alloy. Normally when he puts very hard substances under the press, his table shifts and buckles a bit, but that was not visible here, presumably because the vibranium was absorbing the kinetic energy.


Yes, admittedly so. From the video description on YouTube:

This video produced in partnership with 20th Century Fox
LOGAN opens in cinemas everywhere March 3. Get tickets at

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!


I’m impressed at how close to his natural “voice” they kept everything. This is exactly how it would go in a world where Wolverine existed and got hooked up with a Finnish YouTube channel about industrial presses.


Adamantium/Mithril alloys are where it’s at.


Just don’t put negative matter in the thing.

Best case the electric field of the molecules push against each other like normal matter, leaving the slightly unequal force of the repulsion against Earth’s gravitational field to force it to press one-gee harder on the top plate, but the equal and not-opposite pressures on the two plates mostly cancel out and the negative matter is crushed like normal matter.

But worst case the negative matter mutually erases itself and an equal mass of the press plate’s molecules on contact, suddenly changing the masses of countless subatomic particles and releasing a hail of deconfined quarks that would destroy the Earth!

Just say yes to negative matter…so it goes away.

Oh gawd I’m glad it’s Friday!


Can I just say that 1) I’m totally jealous of this guy’s press, and 2) It makes me really happy to see semi dorky comic/science stuff at least broach mainstream entertainment.

With president “alternative facts” in charge, any cultural phenomenon that even remotely encourages scientific wonder gets my full support.