"Cult mom" given three consecutive life sentences for killing her kids

Originally published at: "Cult mom" given three consecutive life sentences for killing her kids | Boing Boing


Lori, Tammy, Chad… “killing for Jesus”… a series of shootings… yeah, this is a very American sort of crime here, isn’t it?


Too bad she wasn’t a cop, otherwise she’d just get fired and move on with her life.


No punishment is sufficient. Perhaps somehow she could be brought back to reality, perhpa yearn for the love and forgiveness of young dead souls, perhaps live a long life wishing those children would still be there for mom.
Maybe I’m heartless for thinking this way or maybe I wish the kids had been given to anyone who would have cared. I hope her jesus pisses on her worthless soul.


the Jesus talk is neither sincere nor a reflection of other mental illness nor cult programming, but just how you save face here when you don’t get away with it.

Getting caught breaking the law (secular or religious) is the one and only cardinal sin of American conservatism. All other “thou shalt nots” and criminal acts are theirs to indulge in as they please, with the Bible and legal technicalities only serving the function of trying to help them get off the hook.


Except plenty of “conservatives” are perfectly ok with certain other “conservatives” breaking the law, especially when those breaking the law are elected officials.


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