Custom "Feminist Killjoy" glitter banner





If you made that into a necklace, that might work as a gag gift for bachelorette parties.


The only thing objectionable is the $36 for a bunch of cut-out letters on a string.


Don’t worry, if it’s popular the design will get stolen and outsourced to mass production in the third world soon enough. Much less objectionable, right?


I think you meant “copied” not stolen. If you steal something, the person you stole it from no longer has it. If you copy something, now you and the person you copied each have very similar things.

Your observation is still worthwhile, though!


Yeah, $36, what? Party stores have make-your-own-banner kits for like $10.


I’m sure they could make a WET BLANKET banner for like, half the cost.


And just to rub it in, toss in a wet t-shirt



link to it is broken


Plus, you can take it apart and make one that says

Lemony Fiji Kilts


Fiji Monkey Still


Now available in Standard or OverProof strength at all good bottle-shops…


Nothing can beat a booze made in a cyclotron.


So, making your own banner isn’t allowed?


She’d probably try to protect her IP if you did. What a killjoy.


Almost half, anyway


“If you don’t need this banner, you’re probably doing it wrong” – I came here just to thumbs up that analysis.


A very fair point. I let my desire to comment on the self-defeating nature of modern views of the value of labor overwhelm careful word choice. Obviously “stealing” is both incorrect and politically loaded.


To win this fight, you have to win the hearts and minds.

Being a killjoy significantly increases the difficulty.


Actually, there are lots of Feminist Killjoy necklaces on etsy. I have a nice lasercut acrylic one from a store called Wicked Queer.