Customs and Border Patrol can't find qualified applicants for Trump's immigration crackdown


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Also I imagine the potential of who you coworkers are going to be doesn’t help much either.


Well, as pointed out on other threads, they know polygraph tests are fake. They just use them as leverage. “Failing” probably doesn’t mean the squiggly lines did the wrong thing - - it means that they got them to cop to something disqualifying.


Clearly, they need to expand the HB visa program for CBP workers.

I am curious to know what they are lying about on the polygraphs…


Well, then, they’ll just be lowering the qualifications while continuing to play it up and give it more power, won’t they? That’s how they’ve managed to turn an unsold Omaha steak into the most luxurious, really the best cut of meat that only millionaires eat.

Most likely drug use, like most workplace polygraph subjects. In this test I’ll bet there’s a lot of lying about racism, too.


“No law enforcement agency has ever grown rapidly and not had problems with corruption.”

This is of no concern to “President” Trump.


I’m 46, so certainly not a Millennial, and oddly enough, I remember 9/11 quite well. I’m also not particularly motivated by talk of ‘defending the homeland.’ Hopefully the Millennials in question also recognize that phrase as justification for whatever human rights violation someone wants to commit.


qualified applicants for Trump’s immigration crackdown

Things are looking good, and it’s Monday even.


Weed. Same as everywhere else.


In other words, ICE is getting all the recruits instead.
That’s not necessarily an improvement.


I’m basically the same age and feel the same way. When growing up in this country, I never thought of it as a “homeland.” I thought we were above such small-minded titles. Homelands are places people leave in order to come to the US.


Exactly! Now they’re cleared to move on to the unqualified candidates.


Whenever I hear the phrase “homeland” the phrase “fatherland” leaps to mind.


Yeah, when they first proposed it under Prince Bush I really got a “blood and soil” vibe.


I’m 46 too and I have a hard time taking the “homeland” stuff seriously because I lived through the actual existential threat to this nation and its collapse in the 1989-1991 time period – the very real possibility of a full-out nuclear war with the USSR. Terrorism is just small potatoes compared to that. If anything, I’d say the Millennials are probably more obsessed by 9/11 – they are the bulk of the soldiers in service after all.


Nothing to worry about. Just another völkisch movement.


What is the question for this kind of thing? “Are you are have you ever been not a racist but?” or something?


If there are questions like that*, they’re probably phrased in a way to see if the applicant believes in stereotypes: “Do you think that group X comes to this country with more intent to work hard and gain success than group Y does?”

[* if there were they’d be the first to go under the current regime]


Corruption is not a bug, it’s a feature!


I prefer “motherland.”

Though from a jingoistic point of view it really makes no difference.

Earth is the only “homeland” any of us have.

(For the foreseeable future anyway.)